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Retirement Planning

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This video discusses unnecessary wealth transfers and how avoiding them can enhance the length of time your money will last AND potentially provide more income for you to enjoy the lifestyle you desire.

As retirement approaches and becomes a reality – it often brings with it new questions.

Questions like:

·        Do I have enough money to retire?

·        Should I work a few more years?

·        Will I be able to retire at the same lifestyle I enjoyed during my working years?

·        How long will our money last?

Unfortunately, many of the “financial rules” you learned during your working years simply don’t apply during retirement. The focus moves from accumulation to distribution.  You have to become just as savvy in the “spending” of your assets as you were in the “accumulation” of your assets to avoid unnecessary wealth transfers – which can diminish the level of lifestyle you enjoy during retirement and reduce how long your money will last.